Ing. Stanislava Maronová

Economic Department and Statement Coordination

tel. :+420 378 035 019
e-mail: maronova@plzen.eu

The need to build an aquapark was defined in the strategy document “Pilsen Development Programme” as early as 2003, and was subsequently confirmed by a series of research and investigations amongst inhabitants and visitors to the city. From the analysis of the existing sports infrastructure, the results show that such a facility should not be missing from a city which is a regional capital, and which serves 650 to 800 thousand inhabitants.

In September 2012, the representatives of Pilsen’s city council approved the fact-finding study “Pilsen – Aquapark”, which serves as the basis for the decision concerning the placement of this entertainment complex with year-round functionality. The fact-finding study marked the most appropriate places for placing a free-time centre with a complex of swimming pools,an outside zone, and services in the field of health and wellness: the southern part of the “Green triangle” (1) in Pilsen in Borská pole, and in the premises of the former swimming pool “na Lopatárně” (2) in Pilsen-Doubravka. It is expected that 400 to 600 thousand visitors would visit the aquapark each year.

The city is currently looking for private investors, and wants to discuss factors which would affect or influence their interest in the building of an aquapark.