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The City of Pilsen is participating in the REURIS (Revitalisation of Urban River Spaces) project, which is part of the CENTRAL EUROPE Operational Programme for Transnational Cooperation, through the City of Pilsen Urban Development and Planning Institute, its semi-budgetary organisation. The project started in September 2008 and will continue until August 2011.

The main partner of the REURIS project is the Central Mining Institute in Katowice (Poland). Other project partners include the City of Pilsen Urban Development and Planning Institute (Czech Republic), the City of Brno (Czech Republic), the City of Katowice (Poland), the City of Bydgoszcz (Poland), Leipzig University and the Aufbauwerk agency from Leipzig (Germany), and the City of Stuttgart (Germany).

The REURIS project is focused primarily on developing the key principles for the revitalisation of rivers, the development of project documentation, and identifying suitable methods for discussing and financing the final proposals. The project’s benefit lies in the opportunity to share experiences of revitalising water courses at an international level. Creating local partnerships, i.e. involving all the organisations and municipal authorities concerned and the public and landowners, is an essential precondition of the project.



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