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Strategic Plan of the City of Pilsen


Ing. Eva Brejchová

Programme Documents

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The main purpose of the strategic plan is to organise the city’s development and coordinate individual interests so that the city would be able to prosper as a whole. The strategic plan responds to the city’s long-term needs, but must also respect budgetary constraints.

The Pilsen Development Programme has been in place since 2003 and was updated in 2013. Preparations for a new strategic plan are currently underway.

The analytical section of the strategic plan was completed in December 2016 and comprises theme-based analyses, general situation analyses, and a list of main positives and problems.

Main positives:
1. Promising job market, science, development and innovation
2. Good public transportation system
3. Systematic approach to sustainable development of the city
4. Quality green areas in the city, revitalisation of river embankments
5. Diverse range of cultural and sports facilities
6. Positive trend in perception of the city

Main problems:
1. Insufficient human capital
2. Lack of preparedness for demographic changes
3. Excessive car traffic in the city
4. Inadequate quality of public space
5. Obsolete or lacking water infrastructure
6. Lacking rainwater management, lack of preparedness for climate change
7. Absence of a marketing approach to city operations
8. Several cultural and sports facilities are in inadequate technical condition

These documents will be the main basis for creating the proposal sections.

Preparations on the proposal sections of the strategic plan started in January 2017 and are scheduled to be completed in late 2017/early 2018.