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Master Plan of the City of Pilsen


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The City of Pilsen has a new Master Plan. It was approved by the Pilsen City Council in Resolution No. 434 on 8 September 2016 and went into effect on 1 October 2016.

The Master Plan is a fundamental land planning document that outlines the future development of a city. In simple terms, it can be likened to a “law on urban land use”.

The Master Plan confirmed the city’s character as a strong regional centre with major commercial, cultural, recreational, educational and social facilities, including healthcare and social service facilities.

By proposing adequate zones, the Master Plan creates territorial features that maintain and continue to develop the city as a pleasant place to live, work and spend free time. The plan delineates sufficient land with potential for development for a full range of urban uses, balanced to prevent major impacts and changes to demographic, social and economic needs – i.e., major changes to the size of the city or fundamental changes to the orientation of the city’s economic base.

For example, the Master Plan prohibits the development of heavy industry and other operations that have negative impacts, and newly establishes redevelopment/transformation zones and new uses for these zones.
Pilsen’s Master Plan comprises text and visual sections. The visual sections contain nine plans and four diagrams. The Master Plan also includes a section with the reasoning behind the plan, which in addition to texts contains three plans and one diagram.