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Development Zones


Ing. Martina Jedličková

City Development Department

tel. :+420 378 035 036
e-mail: jedlickovama@plzen.eu

The Master Plan defines development areas for housing (B), production (V), mixed urban areas (M) and other areas (S). Every two years, the Urban Planning and Development Institute of the City of Pilsen issues the Information Update on Development Zones defined in the Master Plan of the City of Pilsen. The most recent update was drawn up in December 2010. More information is available here.

The zones are divided up into three categories based on their level of preparation for implementing additional projects: 

  • Category I: Ownership, utility networks and roads available on the border of the site still need to be resolved; 
  • Category II: Necessary to construct missing connections to the utility system between the higher-priority system and the development zone and, if applicable, related technical structures; 
  • Category III: Use of the zone is conditional upon building higher-priority distribution systems for technical infrastructure networks, related technical structures and equipment or major roads which are very costly investments.

The categorisation of the zone is related solely to parts of the development zone where there are no buildings and for which the relevant Building Authority has not issued a valid decision on conditions for construction.

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