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Světovar – investment opportunity


Ing. Stanislava Maronová

Economic Department and Statement Coordination

tel. :+420 378 035 019
e-mail: maronova@plzen.eu

Světovar is the former brand of the Pilsen beer brewed in the brewery in the southern part of Pilsen. Today the original area of the brewery is surrounded by a lively residential district Slovany and it represents one of the most important development areas. It is a municipal property and the city organized an urban planning tender to develop the said area and it commissioned the subsequent regulatory study, so now the property is well prepared in terms of urban planning and in terms of capacity. In the heart of the area there are protected historic industrial buildings that give the place its unique air. One of the buildings - the bottling plant and the beer cellars (B4) shall house a multifunctional theatre stage 4x4 Cultural Factory and the city archives from 2015 on. The neighbouring building of the brewhouse with a boiler room (B3) was the subject of the study for the Museum of Design and Lifestyle of The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. And thus the area has been transforming into a cultural and social centre and the aim is to enhance it with commercial, office and residential space, so that Světovar could become a living multifunctional centre where the historic buildings are married with the modern architecture. There is a number of independent development areas available (A-H), and an initial urban plan has been drafted for them, demonstrating the possible capacity of the plot. The density, form and the scale of the buildings reflects the classic city structure composed of streets and squares with the living ground floor and quiet backyards of each block.

There is a number of reasons why Světovar shall prove a successful project:
- its location in the popular residential district where it represents the best developmental potential
- an investment prepared both by the city and the state regarding the use of some of current property for cultural purposes
- accessible by public transport, good access to the highway
- an attractive historic area, perceived extremely well by the locals
- a simple property structure
- capacity of utility lines has been discussed with the owners, all operators confirm the feasibility of proposed solutions
- road access to the area has been discussed with public administration bodies, including the access to the communication system and parking solutions

- total area: 5.9 ha


Svetovar - leaflet(pdf, 3,57 MB)