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Important dates and people in the history of Pilsen


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Selected historical events

  • Ca. 500 B.C.: Proof of settlements at the confluence of Mže, Radbuza, Úhlava and Úslava Rivers
  • 976 A.D.: First written mention of Pilsen Castle in what is now the town of Starý Plzenec
  • 1295: King Wenceslas II decreed the establishment of New Pilsen
  • 1460: Large Pond established in Bolevec
  • 1468: The first Czech book The Trojan Chronicle was printed
  • 1507: Great fire; beginning of Renaissance reconstruction
  • 1599: Pilsen temporarily became the centre of the state – the main seat of Emperor Rudolph II
  • 1618: Pilsen was conquered by Count Mansfeld’s Army; beginning of the Thirty Years War
  • 1776: College-preparatory secondary school established in Pilsen
  • 1832: First brick-and-mortar theatre is built, hospital is opened
  • 1842: Burghers’ Brewery established, production of Pilsner Urquell beer starts
  • 1859: Waldstein Engineering Works established, 10 years later it became the basis for Škoda Works
  • 1861: Railway from Pilsen to Furth im Wald completed, the line from Pilsen to Prague is completed the following year
  • 1876: A public library for the royal chartered town is established
  • 1924: Greater Pilsen is created by integrating several municipalities
  • 1945: Pilsen is liberated by the US Army on May 6
  • 1945–1949: First institute of higher education opens in Pilsen
  • 1953: Residents demonstrate against the communist monetary reform and regime
  • 1991: University of West Bohemia in Pilsen established
  • 1993: Bishopric of the Roman Catholic Church established

Great natives and important people
Giovanni de Statia (Renaissance architect and builder; lived in Pilsen from 1554–1596), Šimon Plachý (town scribe, first chronicle of Pilsen; about 1560–1609), Martin Kopecký (burgomaster; 1777–1854), Josef Kajetán Tyl (literary writer, playwright and journalist; 1808–1856), Bedřich Smetana (composer; 1824–1884), Václav Brožík (painter; 1851–1901), Mikoláš Aleš (painter; 1852–1913), Emil Škoda (founder of Škoda, which went on to become Czechoslovakia’s largest engineering company; 1839–1900), František Křižík (inventor, electrical engineer and entrepreneur; 1847–1941), Augustin Němejc (painter; 1863–1938), Josef Beran (Archbishop of Prague, named Cardinal in Rome; 1888–1969), Josef Skupa (puppeteer, creator of Spejbl and Hurvínek; 1892–1957), Jiří Trnka (painter, illustrator, puppeteer and director; 1912–1969), Miroslav Horníček (actor, literary writer, playwright and director; 1918–2003), Miroslav Zikmund (explorer and writer, *1919), Jiří Suchý (stage actor, writer, composer and artist, *1931)



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