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Basic Information on the Organization


MĚSTA PLZNĚ, příspěvková organizace

Skroupova 5, 305 84 Pilsen

tel. :+420 378 035 001
fax :+420 378 035 002
e-mail: ukrmp@plzen.eu

Legal Form: State-funded organisation

Founder: Chartered City of Pilsen

The organisation was established based on a resolution no. 64 passed by the Pilsen City Council on September 24, 1991. The establishment of the organization was published in the Gazette of the Czech Republic, section 1, on March 8, 1993. The organization directors are appointed and removed by the City Board of Pilsen. The deputy director is appointed and removed by the director of the organization. The Urban Planning and Development Institute has been established for an indefinite period, and was created from the transformed Institute of the Chief Architect of the City of Pilsen dissolved on December 31, 1991.

Main Activities

  • Creating and guaranteeing analytical, policy and planning documents on urban development and renewal 
  • Organising urban planning and architectural competitions 
  • Strategic planning of the development of the city 
  • Land planning 
  • Planning the development of the city’s transportation, technical and social infrastructure 
  • Managing development projects
  • Presenting the city’s results from analysis, development documents and development objectives
  • Issuing specialised opinions and statements concerning the use of municipal property, investment objectives and planning permit proceedings
  • Organising the creation and update of development documents for individual infrastructure systems connected to Pilsen’s Master Plan
  • Library activities (technical library)

Additional Activities

  • Project design in construction

The organization is authorised to carry out additional activities only to the extent its available capacity allows after it has met all of the obligations stemming from its main activities.